Speedy tips to motivate yourself!

Whatever you’re currently doing at the mo – uni assignments, GCSE coursework, tidying your room..

You’ll hit that wall. You’ll run out of willpower.

Here I am. This is my current view of the sub-standard, research topic for my potential dissertation. And surprise surprise, I’m getting nowhere.

So what do you do when the inevitable happens?


  1. First, make yourself a cup of tea. There’s nothing that one of those can’t fix. Take a minute or even thirty if you really need to.
  2. Go Outside! A lot of people would recommend exercising here, but I think that word just scares me too much. Getting out of the house is something that I struggle to do when assignment deadlines are looming, but it’s so important to get a little bit of fresh air to clear your head – especially if you’re a stressy person and, if you spread yourself too thinly, crumble under pressure. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!
  3. If you’ve got masses to do, (like me as I’m a very last minute person and would like to think I work better under pressure – lol) make a list to ensure you don’t miss things. Equally, it feels so good to have a completely crossed off to-do list! Get some funky pens for your whiteboard so that you can prioritise tasks – you’ll not dread looking at it as much if it looks pretty and organised!
  4. Have a jiggle around to some cheesy music – it always works for me! Trust me when I say that dancing around to Steps at three o’clock in the morning is empowering, if nothing else. Dancing is known to be a great stress release and is super fun – so crack the zumba dvd out of you have to – you’ll thank me later! (just don’t have TOO much fun as you won’t get back to the task in hand – been there, done that)
  5. Set a goal so that you can work towards a target. For me, it’s my meet and greet with The Vamps in Cardiff four days after my last uni deadline. I’m so excited! Having something to look forward to really does focus your attention onto everything that has to be done beforehand as you just want to get it out the way.

So there you have it! A quick guide from the most motivational, studious person out there (maybe). This is what works for me, but let me know if you know of anything that I could add to my list – or even my “cheesy playlist” on Spotify.

See ya soon!

Tilly Turnip xox

My Crazy Life

Fruit loop

I honestly thought it would take a tad longer for me to become 2008 Britney but sadly I was mistaken.


I cut my hair. Myself. In an awful B and M mirror that I could barely see my reflection in and with a pair of dodgy scissors that had seen better days.

It was last Saturday afternoon over a jacket potato, (with cheese and beans obvs) from the Flying Dutchman that I had the marvellous revelation to hack away at my hair. I have yet to distinguish this decision as being a a brainwave or a catastrophic brainfart. What can I say – I had an 8am start and four bottles of lucosade may or may not have been involved.

In the whole three minutes that I dedicated to weighing up the pros and cons of such a momentous decision, I considered:

– Ive cut my fringe before, how hard can it be?

– Maybe a shorter hairstyle will distract away from my very masculine-shaped nose and potato-like head?

– Maybe I will HAVE to find the energy and effort each morning to get up and style it? Surely it can’t take the usual hour and fifeteen minutes like it usually does if it’s half the length?

– MAYBE, just maybe, my shit hair is the one thing standing in the way of me and the wonderful sexy being that is Bradley Simpson? My split-ended, scraggy locks might repulse him just as it does me when I meet him in May and I MUST do everything within my power to look my best.

– Maybe its just a physical demonstration that I have truly reached ‘I dont give a shit territory’. Who knows.

OH WHAT THE HELL. I’ve wanted to do it for ages. Grow the balls Tilly and just DO IT.


So instead of doing the most logical thing when wanting a trim – visiting a trained professional – I embodied the spirit of a female lee stafford and tried my hardest to put my hair in even pony/pig/alternative farmyard animal tails. I then proceeded to chop a great deal off me barnet.


I mean, it could’ve turned out a lot worse! It’s still a very versatile cut – I can tie it up on lazy days and style it in space buns if I’m feeling particularly daring.

I doubt if I’ve ever mentioned this before – I don’t think that you will ever meet a more impulsive person. About a month ago, I applied for Camp America after one bad day at work and completed the application and arranged the interview within a week.

I think this is why I find myself in the rut I’m in now. I mean, it’s great that when I like something or find some attachment to someone I pursue it wholeheartedly. However, it’s really hard when you find this attachment in the wrong thing – or equally the wrong person. Relationships can’t be one sided and you can’t hate on the person because they don’t see how awesomely spectacular you are. It’s hard to not get upset about these things, but it’s just life. You’ll find that balance.. somewhere.. eventually.. but I can promise you it won’t be at the bottom of a 20 chicken nugget share box. Just settle for a fruitbag and a 10p toy next time, Tilly (I say this very reluctantly).

Word of wisdom – although taking your own hair in your hands seems like an empowering decision at the time, just consider that I was very lucky that my pigtails were even (on that occasion). Get a friend to do it or at least use a decent mirror – or run the risk of ending up like 2008 Britney.

Tilly Turnip xo

My Crazy Life

Welcome to my craaaaazy cat lady life


Hello internet.

I’m on day six of the diet. I’m cold, vicious and feeling extremely sorry for myself, and seriously thinking of giving up already. ALREADY. I have no willpower – unless it involves finding the motivation to walk to maccy d’s for a sporadic midnight strawberry milkshake.

This week has been pretty average – I mean, I managed to get my hands on a pair of meet and greet tickets to see The Vamps (kjsdfbwiljnbrjenbo) and even treated myself to some new makeup on the weekend. However when you end your Saturday swilling your housemate with Strongbow Dark Fruits and getting invited into next door by the angry South African for a cup of tea because you are physically unable to open your front door, you figure it probably could’ve ended better.

I know its wholly down to my own wrongdoings and complete slothish-ness, however I’m just feeling so uninspired to do any form of uni work. It could be the weather too actually. I just want to hibernate for a little while and forget that I have four mahoosive assignments due after Easter, which is seemingly closer than first anticipated.

Sometimes I just feel like i need a reeeeeeally big bear hug but then I remember that I’m alone. VERY, VERY ALONE.

I literally feel like giving up and residing to my lair with my 20 cats and lifetime supply of chicken nuggets.

I’m also starting to accept that vodka and I may not be best buddies like me and turkey dinosaurs are, (WINNING combination) as it has caused me to almost lose my job and a few pals. Also, it causes me to get a wee emosh (and occasionally violent to the extent that I throw my beloved nuggets at people). I know, alcohol is such a bitch, right?

But as all good things do, this crazy, Amanda Bynes period of my student life must come to an end – I must pick myself up and at least make it to day seven of the diet. I’m transforming into not only a model student, but an exemplary pal, sporadic blogger ..and less of a crazy cat lady who’s only source of motivation is some random Pinterest board titled ‘cute inspirational quotes’. Tilly is becoming health conscious and strives to live within her means, rather than avoiding her online banking app due to a mixture of fear and shame. Tilly is also going to do everything she can to convince herself and her doubters that she can succeed, and maybe even develop a certain level of maturity that enables her relationships to last longer than two months – and who knows? May find someone that can handle her crazy dancing and acquired taste in music along the way.


..Or at least that’s what she and her Mother hope for anyway.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I’m going to get back to wallowing/binge watching PLL now.

Tilly Turnip xo