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Why I decided to dye my hair PINK

A couple of days ago, with the help of my best friend Demi, I bought a fluorescent pink hair dye and went a little crazy.


Why? Well.

Before I started First Year, way back when, my Mum found a lump (not the first time). But being the busy woman that she is, couldn’t and didn’t want to get it checked. Pushing it to the back of her mind, not wanting to go through what she did two years earlier, she carried on her daily life, working in a school, finishing her TA qualification at college and simply choosing to forget that she may or may not have cancer again.

Fastforward to August 2015. She sits me down and tells me that the cancer has returned and that she has had a lump in her breast for a while. The doctors originally told her that it was scar tissue but still pushed for a biopsy for her own piece of mind. It came back positive, and at that time, they were waiting on results determining the severity of the cancer. A week later, Mum and Dad picked me up from work in the little red punto. It was a Friday. I knew she had an appointment at the hospital during the day. She couldn’t even look me in the eye to tell me that it was terminal. This was a week before I was due to move in to my Uni flat and start a complete new chapter of my life.

Of course, I can’t blame my Mum for being scared of the lump. Turns out she was rightfully nervous. However I can’t help but feel that maybe the situation might’ve been different if she’d have just gone to get checked sooner. Anyone who knows anyone who has been through the cancer diagnosis, treatments and so forth will know how gruelling it all is, how it effects the whole family and how heartbreaking it is to watch a loved one grow incredibly weak, lose hair, ALL confidence, become reclusive and withdrawn and experience extreme extreme lows. The worst part? She was going through hell and it still wasn’t going to cure her.

The worst part of chemo was it was happening while I was having the best time of my life away at uni. I felt extremely guilty and didn’t really deal with the diagnosis for a long time after. To be quite honest, it never really hits home until she has a big scare. Like when they tell you treatment isn’t working.. or that is has spread.. or that after this course of treatment, there’s ‘nothing they can do’.

It wasn’t until recently that we were told that there was a level of uncertainty once again in Mum’s treatment. The past two years have been filled with hospital appointments, various radiotherapies, a heap of pills, bone treatments, quarterly CAT scans, hormone treatments and biopsies galore – all doing their bit to prolong Mum’s life.

She’s taken it in her stride and is fighting all the way, but there are days when she feels helpless. And you feel even more helpless because there’s nothing you can do to make the situation any better. I try my best to make it to as many hospital appointments as I can, but Uni does tend to suffer as everything seems to happen on the same day. Then there’s the times that I just get incredibly down about the situation, drink waaaaaay too much to forget things, miss a lecture maybe and then get into a viscous cycle of dodging uni at all costs. What could I do to try and be productive? What good, if any, can come of this?

At the beginning of the semester, after much deliberation, I joined Worcester’s Uni Boob Society – a nationwide initiative set up by Coppafeel, a breast cancer charity that aims to eliminate late diagnosis of cancer and encourage everyone to have the confidence to see their GP if something just doesn’t feel normal.

So far, we’ve held bucket collections around Campus, ran a Zumbathon and next Wednesday, we’re even holding our own Glitter Boob Ball at Tramps! I’m super excited. I did however want to do something personal.

The colour pink and cancer awareness go kinda hand and hand, I think. I wish I was punky, edgy and quite frankly cool enough to pull off pink hair, however this is more of a political statement than a fashion venture. Not only am I showing support for my Mum, but my Gran, who also has had breast cancer twice. For two of my Mum’s friends that have died this year from cancer. For those receiving experimental treatments that may eventually result in new scientific breakthroughs. To Coppafeel, by spreading awareness in a funky way. To everyone, past and present, affected by cancer in some way. After all, one in three of us will be diagnosed with the disease at some stage in our life.

So here it is! My pink hair. I thought I’d add a pink filter to go with the running theme (and also because I’m extra af).


Thanks for reading! If you are at Worcester Uni and want to find out more about the Uni Boob Team, take a look at our Facebook page 🙂

Alternatively, if you are feeling incredibly generous, you can donate to Coppafeel via our Uni Boob Team page!

This post is dedicated to my feisty, bonkers and hilariously funny Mother – life wouldn’t be the same without her.

Tilly Turnip xo


TILLY INVESTIGATES: The Jack Maynard Scandal and Twitter Mishaps

Apart from the John Lewis Christmas adverts, nothing lets us Brits know the festive period is approaching faster than you can say ‘kangaroo anus’ more than the abundance of Gillian Mckeith GIFs popping up on our Facebook feeds. ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ hits our TV screens in late November each year and millions of us religiously watch Celebs be pushed to their physical, mental and emotional limits in the name of entertainment.

To those of you who are not familiar with the show, this year at least, quite frankly you might as well join the Z-Listers that are living in the Australian outback on a diet of rice and beans as I’m a Celeb has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, just days into the new series.

Jack Maynard (who to my generation is known as the younger brother of the ‘Can’t Say No’ hitmaker) is a youtuber and online personality who in his Twitter Bio admits to “enjoy[ing] humiliating [him]self on YouTube”. Since he has been in the Jungle, he has definitely succeeded in doing just that as ‘homophobic and racist’ tweets have surfaced online, dating back to 2012. Since this has happened, Jack has been booted off the show and journalists are now making it their mission to dig the dirty on other big names; which include the likes of Stormzy and Zoella being brought into the crossfire.

Jack-Maynard-IAC-2017 (1).jpg
Jack Maynard appearing on the ITV show a few days previous to his dramatic exit (, 2017)

I mean, the significance of my social media is clearly not on the same scale of that of Stormzy, or even Jack Maynard for that matter, however it does make you think about the kind of content that you are putting out there for everyone to see, past and present – especially when you consider that many employers check your social media as part of your application to a job.

As a result of both intense fear and inquisitiveness, I did some digging. ON MYSELF. Was 2012 Tilly a racist homophobe too or was her biggest crime sending too many tweets to Harry Styles, begging for a follow? Lets find out.


Lets cast our minds back to 2012 – the era of preppy One Direction, YOLO and Gangnam Style. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate this before I unleash 2K12 Tilly on all of you.

The rise and fall of the BlackBerry (Probably the curve one but if you were cool, you probs had a Samsung Tocco lets be real)


Who remembers quoting their fave song because 13 year old you could relate to Rihanna’s heartbreak?23848117_10210358379784793_1673309304_o.jpg

GCSE drama’s, oh yes (Let’s ignore the double negative as I did in fact go on to get an A* in English mwahahaha).


Glad to know that my uncontrollable spending is not just a ‘uni thing’…23897163_10210358379864795_887357660_o.jpg

Just what I expected – fangirl central.23897213_10210358380144802_1242727946_oDefinitely not cringing at all of those eeeeeeeeeeee’s. Also need to find out where all my money is coming from because I’m envious of my 2012 lifestyle (rents hmu like).23848065_10210358380184803_822172113_o

Ooh whipping the song lyrics out again. Mixing it up with The Script this time.23846960_10210358380304806_446243002_o

Probably the worst tweet I’ve uncovered – promoting underage drinking (those were the days lol).23848158_10210358380464810_891383228_o.jpg

SPICY LEVEL 1000000000.23960675_10210358380504811_1330511269_o

Who doesn’t use their social media to brag about ONLY THE NEWEST BAND ON THE SCENE AND THE FACT THAT YOU’RE MEETING THEM..23897274_10210358381304831_905484812_o.jpg

..and then of course post the photographic evidence as your Facebook banner, Twitter DP and forever be reminded of this momentous event via TimeHop.


Because you like to air your dirty laundry for the world to see (really struggling to keep up with who told who what really). TWITTER BEEF IS THE BEST THOUGH I’M SORRY, SASSY COMEBACKS AND INDIRECT RETWEETS STILL GIVE ME LIFE23846911_10210358381264830_1656888578_o

Story of my life.23897022_10210358381344832_1241765677_o.jpg

The progression of Facebook, everyone.23874563_10210358381384833_1432230247_o.jpg

Fastforward to 2013, the rise of the fitspo blogs and Tilly’s quest to get fit (SPOILER: that never happened).23897372_10210358381464835_1747132401_o.jpg

WHO REMEMBERS WATER SPEAKERS?!?! (I secretly wanted them but Mumma June would not buy me any, sad times)23949200_10210358381544837_830003347_o





Did I really post this FIFTY TIMES?


No caption needed.23847073_10210358382504861_935204701_o

Same, this is exhausting.23848166_10210358382344857_1472889179_o.jpg

MAYBE THIS IS THE TWEET I’M LOOKING FOR. WHAT DID I DO? DID I LAUNCH A CHAIR ACROSS THE ROOM? DID I GET INTO A FIGHT AT SCHOOL? (I probably didn’t get what I wanted for tea ngl).23847038_10210358382224854_712446204_o


As you can see, I’m as clean as a whistle. I couldn’t find any immature, impolite nor politically incorrect slurs (I guess you’ll have to wait until I’m stupidly rich and famous and journalists start picking apart my Twitter with a fine tooth comb).

Everyone can be found guilty of being young, naive and often reckless; however this does not justify speaking or acting in a derogatory manner, especially on the internet where it will become part of your online persona forevermore.

We must, however, take into account that he is after all, a ‘lad’. We all partake in the experimental stage of growing up – unfortunately for us millennials, this happens in an interactive world where everything is archived and will eventually come back to bite you on the bum.

I really do understand that ITV had a moral responsibility to address this situation and along with Maynard’s management (or so the viewing public are led to believe) a decision was made to cut Jack’s time short in the Jungle. He has now, a day on from his departure, issued a public apology but has yet to return to social networking. Is it fair for Jack to be scrutinised in such a way that has jeopardised not only his channel and following, but also his career and future prospects due to what many are describing as ‘oversensitivity’?

What do you think? is it fair that Jack has been removed from I’m A Celeb? Comment your thoughts below 🙂

Tilly Turnip xo

My Crazy Life, The Culture Tag

“This one time, at band camp..”

Not quite band camp, but it just seemed like quite a fitting title.


On my own. I’ve never flown before. I’ve never even been away from home for more than two weeks. I’ve already got a nervous tummy and I still need to squeeze a power nap in before we leave for the airport!


In The Culture Tag, I’ve been exploring different ideas about travelling, acquiring knowledge and becoming more worldly. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’d applied for Camp America but don’t think I went into great detail about it – this experience will be the concluding chapter to my lil project and may just be my biggest adventure yet.

I’m all packed and will be setting off imminently for Heathrow. I’m dressed in my activewear (obvs) and have packed PLENTY of anti-diarrhoeal tablets. I think I’m prepared for every eventuality lol.

My suitcase is nearly the size of me and my hand luggage is probably on the larger side too (stuffed too many self help books in it to read on the plane). I’ve never been a light traveller so there’s no point in starting now.

I’m rambling.

On another note, I’ve been so active recently on my blog and I think it’s really paid off. I just wanted to take this time to say how thankful I am for the people who follow my blog and listen to me witter on endlessly. Just know I haven’t abandoned you all! I shall just be living frugally in the middle of nowhere on a Girl Scout camp instead. No phones. Limited internet. NO BOYS. It’ll be a change, but a good one, I think. I get called a princess a lot at home so hopefully it’ll knock me down a peg or two.

As much as I’m super, super scared, I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life. I’ve left my job at boots to do this over the summer after four whole years. It was the last thing holding me back and was a large part of my life to let go of – but I promised my ex colleague (still feels weird saying that) that I won’t look back.

I’m so glad that so far in 2017, I’ve tried my hardest to keep to my New Years resolution to do adventurous and exciting things more often. I don’t think you can get more daring than abandoning your entire way of life for nearly three months.

So I guess that’s all I really have to say! I’ll see you all when I get back (and after a few pit stops in NY and Disney World) 😝

Ta ta for now,

Tilly Turnip xo


Obsessed with Hannah Witton



As a novice blogger, I’ve read and watched Hannah Witton for a while now and have decided to make an appreciation post because not only do our interests correlate pretty darn well – I believe that she stands for everything that blogging and using the internet in general as a platform should be about in 2017.

For starters, she shares general advice in the exact, friendly tone that I want to encapsulate in this blog. In particular, I love her post, ‘I am stressed right now‘, in which she relates a lot to uni and popular culture – something that has literally taken over my life a since studying literature, social theories and everything in between. Hannah’s writing style is informal and conversational – it’s like she’s unloading her problems to a friend and she’s using her blog as an outlet in order to rant, much like I do in My Crazy Life section of my blog. I’ve also created my own list of ideas on how to keep yourself on task, like Hannah did in How I Stay Organised – you can look at it by clicking here 🙂

Hannah likes to document her travels in a diary-style format – which I really love. It gives you not only an insight into her amazing lifestyle as a YouTuber, but also takes you to places that, if you’re like me and are very poor, won’t get to see any time soon. I recently uploaded a post divulging into an old school friend’s travel blog as part of The Culture Tag, so if you want to hear me ramble on that, have a look here 🙂

Writing a teenage or YA book is something that I’ve always told myself that I must do in my lifetime. Its been an ambition of mine from a very early age and when I eventually get to the point that I actually think I have a decent synopsis, I can envision my life turning very much into the way Hannah describes hers did in her post – ‘What it’s like writing a book‘. Hannah has recently done just that and written Doing It: Let’s Talk About Sex – I’ve only just had chance to buy it on Amazon and I’m SO looking forward to reading it!

The most important reason why I see Hannah’s blog as something to model mine on is because she is utilising her platform and status as an online ‘influencer’ to speak out on social issues – her main project is combating the inadequacies of sex education through The Hormone Diaries and is actively promoting change in every and any way that she can. I see blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogspot as great ways to showcase all of the different aspects of your personality, but ultimately still contribute something to wider society – in my case, it’s The Culture Tag – check it out if you haven’t already!

Hannah’s book has only just come out and is already a bestseller – people are using her work as an educational tool to become more informed in the realms of ‘sexting, virginity and consent’. The whole reason she was able to write this book was because of the work that she had undertaken on her YouTube channel and blog beforehand! Also, as a co-founder of the Banging Book Club – a fortnightly podcast discussing books about sex – Hannah is collaboratively using her popularity as a YouTuber and blogger to promote reading to a whole generation that probably wouldn’t think about picking up a book if they were bored (which is quite a few of us, I believe). I’ll actually be looking at the Banging Book Club as part of my dissertation – an exciting and petrifying thought as it will be all done, dusted and submitted this time next year – wow 😮

So that’s why I love Hannah Witton! She’s honestly fab, and in the very unlikely circumstance that you haven’t seen any of her content, have a look at her YouTube channel and be sure to visit her website to see what the hype is about!

Tilly Turnip xox

The Culture Tag

What does ‘being cultured’ even mean?

It dawned on me this morning that I haven’t actually explored what “cultured” means.

So, I’m going to try and explain what it means to me – now that I’ve tried to encompass my own definition of the word.

To me, cultured is educating yourself on the world and its components; past and present. So yes, this means understanding politics, or at least trying to engage with it (still working progress). It’s watching the news and keeping up with current affairs. It’s learning about history – not just the good bits that you were taught at GCSE. It’s understanding that there’s a bigger world; right on your doorstep waiting to be explored. It’s appreciating the beauty of the daffodils in my garden and the way that my Mum smiles when I come home for the weekend.

It’s reading – not just the classics – all types of books. It doesn’t matter what book you pick up; it’s bound to teach you something. Take Bridget Jones’ Diary for example; vital for teaching us all to avoid the Daniel Cleavers of this world (as hard as that concept is). It’s being able to talk about all of these things with clarity and confidence.

Cultured is NOT making someone feel small because they haven’t read Romeo and Juliet. Nor is it self-deprecating because you didn’t manage to go to the Louvre when you visited France because you’d rather spend the day in Disneyland.

It’s accepting that people are different and don’t want the same things from life that you do. It’s understanding that not everyone knows how to pronounce ‘quinoa’ or do crosswords – and probably don’t want to either. Our society wouldn’t be as diverse and interesting if everybody wanted to do the same thing.

It’s knowing that I can get excited to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians every Sunday and not beat myself up about it because ‘it’s not a cultured thing to do’. It’s knowing that some days I’ll want to write creatively and others I’ll want to stay in bed and watch Parks and Recreation all day. It’s balance.

It’s a cycle of sharing and acquiring knowledge frequently and often. It’s respecting others, being polite and most importantly, being willing to try new things. It’s certainly not elitist and cannot be earned by simply learning how to use chopsticks or watching Question Time.

It’s opening your eyes.



Tilly Turnip xo

The Culture Tag

Is culture a class thing?


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really think that this ‘culture gap’ between me and some of my uni friends may be a class thing. Or at least have something to do with where I’ve grown up in relation to them.

So if we take Simon for example. He grew up very near to London, went to private school and is a bike ride away from Windsor Castle. He’s visited museums and galleries in the capital; as they are easily accessible amenities. He listens to classical music while he’s studying. He goes home in between semesters and listens to his friends’ stories from their travels around the world, eats at expensive restaurants because he simply can and talks politics, art and philosophy over a beer at the pub.

Simon is, by definition, cultured. He is indeed “characterized by refined taste and manners and good education” as Google suggests.

I come from a lower class background; but do not feel in any way underprivileged because I wasn’t taken on expensive holidays to faraway places for cultural enlightenment – Sun holidays and Mr Whippys did just fine! My parents didn’t have much, but we always seemed to get what we wanted – I’m sure if I said I wanted to go see a theatre production rather than get the whole set of Bratz dolls and a Furby for my birthday, my parents would’ve made it happen.

I would say that I had access to a good education and my parents always pushed me to do well at school. I do however believe the emphasis, at least at the school I went to, was on learning enough to pass exams rather than learning for life.

But isn’t this something that you have to do for yourself anyway?

I haven’t visited an art gallery. Nor have I seen a Shakespearean play. I don’t listen to classical music on the daily and I haven’t the greatest understanding of philosophical concepts. But who is to say that you are more informed in 2017 if you know all of this stuff anyway? A google definition?

Whenever my dad is going on about politics, I always ask him who his sources are because a lot of the time, it sounds like hes making it up. Why? He’s not well read and certainly does not have good taste (couldn’t resist from including this massive fashion faux-pas here – the, “it’s a little bit sunny so I’m going to mow the lawn” outfit – don’t ask about the gnome 🙈)

He also dropped out of college, watches the occasional documentary and thinks he is an expert in the field and when he was 19, moved 20 miles down the road to a new town to ‘find himself’; swiftly returning three months later begging my Mum to take him back.

He replies, “the University of Life”. NOTHING RILES ME UP MORE. however when you stop and think about it, surely basing your opinion on policies that have had an adverse effect on you or things you have seen implemented badly makes sense? (he tends to be very negative when it comes to government issues). You don’t need to study the entire history of the British government to understand what is going on in the here and now. A vote for Brexit does not determine someone racist, as much as the remain campaign like to propgate – if a choice is made on an informed basis and said person genuinely believed that their vote for ‘leave’ was the best option for our country, surely it was an educated decision.

But yet, understanding politics is considered cultured, right?

By being ‘cultured by definition’, Simon is well spoken, knows his stuff on current affairs and can hold good conversation on most subjects. There’s no denying that it sets him apart from many people our age who make no effort with global politics apart from sharing the occasional Trump meme over social media. However, continuing to learn and accepting the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you is the important part of being cultured in 2017. Wanting to go to a Shakespearean play knowing you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and being confident enough to engage in political debate because you know your opinion is as worthy as anyone elses is the first step towards this. As much as I’ve poked fun at my dad here, I love him dearly and listen to him regardless of whether the world sees him as cultured or not. (maybe not his fashion advice though 😜)

Do you think class and culture are linked? I’d love to hear your opinion! Tweet me at @tillyy22 or comment below 🤓

Tilly Turnip xox


Speedy tips to motivate yourself!

Whatever you’re currently doing at the mo – uni assignments, GCSE coursework, tidying your room..

You’ll hit that wall. You’ll run out of willpower.

Here I am. This is my current view of the sub-standard, research topic for my potential dissertation. And surprise surprise, I’m getting nowhere.

So what do you do when the inevitable happens?


  1. First, make yourself a cup of tea. There’s nothing that one of those can’t fix. Take a minute or even thirty if you really need to.
  2. Go Outside! A lot of people would recommend exercising here, but I think that word just scares me too much. Getting out of the house is something that I struggle to do when assignment deadlines are looming, but it’s so important to get a little bit of fresh air to clear your head – especially if you’re a stressy person and, if you spread yourself too thinly, crumble under pressure. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!
  3. If you’ve got masses to do, (like me as I’m a very last minute person and would like to think I work better under pressure – lol) make a list to ensure you don’t miss things. Equally, it feels so good to have a completely crossed off to-do list! Get some funky pens for your whiteboard so that you can prioritise tasks – you’ll not dread looking at it as much if it looks pretty and organised!
  4. Have a jiggle around to some cheesy music – it always works for me! Trust me when I say that dancing around to Steps at three o’clock in the morning is empowering, if nothing else. Dancing is known to be a great stress release and is super fun – so crack the zumba dvd out of you have to – you’ll thank me later! (just don’t have TOO much fun as you won’t get back to the task in hand – been there, done that)
  5. Set a goal so that you can work towards a target. For me, it’s my meet and greet with The Vamps in Cardiff four days after my last uni deadline. I’m so excited! Having something to look forward to really does focus your attention onto everything that has to be done beforehand as you just want to get it out the way.

So there you have it! A quick guide from the most motivational, studious person out there (maybe). This is what works for me, but let me know if you know of anything that I could add to my list – or even my “cheesy playlist” on Spotify.

See ya soon!

Tilly Turnip xox